Friday, February 01, 2008

Foil Tube Photo

This a one of my photos taken down an iridescent foil/film tube.

The foil or film as it is called was rolled up and stored inside a cardboard tube. I was simply carrying the tube through the house and happened to glance down at the tube. I noticed the ever changing colours - depending on what was visible through the tube at the far end and how much light was entering the tube. It was a sunny day, so I pointed it at a cushion sitting in a sunny spot (if you click on the photo, you get a much larger picture and if you zoom in, you can see the cushion!) . Then I wondered if it would work if I took a photo down the tube - this was the result.

I actually took loads of photos, some with an open end and some with a clothes peg holding the tube closed - all good. I bought the film from Paperchase where it was sold as wrapping paper, but I know you can buy it from lots of craft places to do all sorts of interesting things to it.

I have posted this photo using the "Blog This" button in Picasa. That was very easy to do.

Erica's Folded Books

On our first Friday meeting ever (1st Feb 2008) we shared the results of our endeavours. Folded from a sheet of A4 paper with 3 cuts, Erica's amazing mini books were an exercise in being precise! Some of us used Publisher, and others Page Plus. Erica provided a template and we all tried to create the books and import words, images backgrounds etc to create personal little books to treasure.