Friday, March 24, 2006

  1. Using the magic wand tool I selected parts of the design and cut and pasted them into another layer.
  2. Using the eyedropper tool I selected the yellow colour to flood fill a new lower layer.

Using the magic wand tool I selected the dark part of the shell-like design and cut and pasted, rotating, moving and changing size as I went. I merged those layers together and overlayed them on the brown layer (consider the blending options here)

Two tools that are handy for isolating parts of an image are Threshold (from the Image menu) and the filter Find Edges.

The background layer was inverted

Reselct the whorls using the magic wand tool and fill using a gradient bucket fill.

Crop the image for focus on a particular area.

Apply a "sitchy" filter to suggest ways of interpretation.

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RosWillis said...

Me again. I think it would be a good idea to print off your images and create cards or calling cards
to hand out to prospective new members on 6th May with the blogger address, our names.....what to you reckon?