Friday, May 02, 2008

Cactus LW - the story

Below is the story of CactusLW and it's transformations as it went around the group.
It began as a cactus, moved through pop art to misty planets, dancing eggs or a string of beads, into a very surreal jelly mould and back to cactus colours and a neat, symetrical pattern, then reverted to the blues and purples and began to twirl. I wonder if we will be able to detect individual styles by the end of this exercise?
Sometimes it is hard to work out exactly what was done to achieve a particular image, but hopefully, next time, we will all have printed sheets that tell the story of each transformation. Trying out some of the ideas on the computer as we went along highlighted things for all of us that we could learn from and explore for ourselves.


Ros Willis said...

Hi girls
Log time, no blog. I particularly like the jelly mould. Not sure how it got to Erica's flower but it all looks good to me.

Liz said...

OK Erica, how did it get to your flower?

Erica said...

I inverted the colours (just to make it a little more green :-0 )
I then transformed the image using perspective until about 60° angle which will be the centre of the flower.

Copied and pasted image 6 times and rotated image 60° each time to make a flower shape.

Cropped to 5" square.

Hilary's turn now.......