Monday, October 06, 2008

Pat's Temple

As a comparative newcomer to DOT, my contributions to "Consequences" take the form of "What happens if."
However, by remembering to take notes on what I do, and believe me, this is a skill in itself, the temptation being to just hit buttons and see what happens. Anyway, now that I have started to discipline myself, slow down and think about what I am doing, I now realise that I am learning so much.
The three monthly meetings help us all to explore not only our own work but that of the rest of the group.
"Consequences" has been good fun as well as providing me with a steep learning curve.
Hopefully, the curve will begin to flatten out over time.

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Liz said...

Pat that is brilliant, so glad you are getting so much out of it. Your image was obviously so good that I did it twice!