Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DOT On Show

Proof that we were there! This is the DOT stand just as we had finished putting it up. The work was selected from our recent Consequences Exhibition. Erica Thomson and Jenny King are on the left and our two consenting Mr DOTs Barry and Jim (helpful husbands wielding spirit levels, steps and hammers). DOTs aim was to open people’s eyes to what you can do using a computer as a design tool in textile work, whether it is simply printing an image on fabric or doing more complex things. Every piece of work on the stand was derived from something we did on the computer. All the wonderful members of DOT who manned the stand felt that we achieved our aim. You can just about see Liz Welch's Friendly Plastic masks, and work by Jenny King, Ros Willis, Erica Thomson, and Pat Roberts.

DOT’s group piece drew a lot of interest. It was based on a game of consequences (see earlier posts) using an image of an old mangle in the Millgate Museum at Newark. The hanging illustrated some of the very many different materials that can be printed on to at home. the other work in the picture is by Pat Roberts and Hilary Holden.

Mr DOT x2 in repose, worn out by all that levelling, measuring and hammering. On the wall is work from Lesley Fowell, Erica Thomson, Jenny King and Liz Welch. In the foreground are the two big books that tell the story behind the work with lots of step by steps of the computer transformations that took place to achieve the finished pieces.

Work for the original exhibition “Consequences” can be seen on a CD catalogues (£5) available from Liz (just email The CD contains more than 130 images including overall and close ups of every piece of work in the original exhibition plus work sheets describing the computer stages in developing each piece.

We hope you enjoyed viewing the work and meeting members, but most of all we hope we have inspired you to try your hand at making more of your computer in your creative lives.